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I have four HP fanfics. Here’s some info on two of them, which are currently WIPs, Resolving a Misunderstanding and An Act of Love. There is some additional information about some of the characters in RaM here, too.

I post my fics at The Petulant Poetess, SH Lumos, SH Occlumency, and ffnet.

Please note that the chapters for Resolving a Misunderstanding are broken down differently on Petulant Poetess and Lumos than they are on ffnet — shorter ffnet chapters were combined on TPP and Lumos, so chapters 1 – 50 on the moderated archives are the equivalent to chapters 1 – 68 on ffnet. Particularly for the first forty chapters or so on ffnet, the equivalent chapters on TPP and Lumos are more polished.

TPP and Lumos have all four of my fics, and my two completed fics are posted in their entirety on those two archives. (“Budding Charms” and “Circadian Rhythm” are posted only in part on ffnet so that I can keep the rating a “T” on that site.)

CURRENT WIPs: Resolving a Misunderstanding \
and An Act of Love

Resolving a Misunderstanding
Summary: Minerva has returned to Hogwarts to teach and has just finished her first term. A series of misunderstandings leads to an embarrassing moment, injured feelings, regret, then to resolution. Set in 1957, with forays into the past to Minerva’s childhood, her student days at Hogwarts, and her life before returning to Hogwarts. Stories within stories! Features Minerva, Albus, and Poppy, with appearances by Slughorn, Grubbly-Plank, Kettleburn, Hagrid and other canon characters. A slightly angsty, a little fluffy, occasionally humourous, sometimes sad, but essentially happy, ADMM friendship-to-romance story. Updated regularly. (See Disclaimer below.)

An Act of Love

Summary: Severus Snape is hit by a stray spell, which has unanticipated and undesirable consequences. When he begins to feel some side-effects from the spell, Severus seeks the help of a colleague. This story is rated “MA” and is posted on the Website of The Petulant Poetess and at Sycophant Hex in the Lumos and Occlumency Archives. (See Disclaimer below.)

For Those Reading RaM
: Some have asked about various names I’ve used in “RaM,” so I’ve worked up this little table, if you are interested. Beneath the explanations of the names, I have some translations of the Latin used in the story. Remember, although it may resemble actual Latin, don’t expect grammatical correctness, particularly in the case of the incantations!

Selected Names in Resolving a Misunderstanding and Their Origins

(The meanings given here are the ones I was thinking of when I used them, so they may not reflect anyone else’s notions!)

Gertrude Gamp: “Gamp” is a surname that appears on the Black Family Tree created by JKR; I chose “Gertrude” because it is old-fashioned and sounded good with “Gamp.”
Valerianna: from “Valerian,” an herb with sedative properties; the roots, which are used in herbal medicine, smell strongly and disgustingly like a combination of vomit and wet dog. (“Valerian” is also the name of a couple Roman emperors and at least a couple saints, but I did not have them in mind when I created her character!)
Cormac MacAirt: Cormac mac Airt was said to have been the wisest, most powerful king to rule Ireland from the ancient high seat of Tara. There are various legends about him, which you can find on the Internet.
Quinlivan: from Irish, caoindealbhain, gracefully-shaped, athletic.
Merwyn: Welsh; reputedly related to the name “Merlin.”
Egeria: Roman goddess of fountains and childbirth.
Egidius: from the Latin version of the name “Giles” (“Aegidius”); St. Giles is the patron saint of Edinburgh and patron of beggars.
Siofre: a variant of “Siofra”; Irish, pronounced as though it has an “sh” at the beginning (may mean elf or changeling, but I wouldn’t bet on it).
Tyree: comes from the name of a small, sparsely populated island in the Inner Hebrides (it turns out it is also a real last name, which was unsurprising, but which I hadn’t known when I decided to use it).
Melina: Greek, from meli, honey.
Professor Dustern: from German, düster, gloomy, dark, dismal.
Professor Birnbaum: German, pear tree.
Madam Perlecta: from L. perlegere, to read over or to scan.
Madam Valentius: from L. valentius, healthier, more potent/vigorous.

Yaxley, Flint, Crouch, and Black are, obviously, all names that appear in canon. I have borrowed some of the characters with those names; I have also created relatives for them when it suited the needs of the story. By the way, a “Pollux Black” really does appear on the Black Family Tree, and it appears from the dates on it that Pollux did, indeed, father his daughter Walburga at the age of thirteen. I tried to explain this with a far-out theory in “RaM”; I have a feeling, though, that JKR just isn’t particularly good at math, and that’s why it looks as though Pollux Black and Irma Crabbe started their family when he was only thirteen. (I know it’s biologically possible; it just seems unlikely in this context!)

Latin used in Resolving a Misunderstanding

(The Latin, particularly that used in the spells, may resemble real Latin, but it is only derived from it — it has been far too many years since I have studied Latin for me actually to be able to write much that would be grammatically correct! Besides, the incantations are in magical Latin! *grin*)

spero et expecto: I hope and I await/expect. (Latin: exspecto)
Converto integumentum caeruleum: Change the bookbinding to blue.
Commuto gemellium volumen alter alia: Change into a twin of the other book.
Geminio: Twin / I twin
Amputatio: I cut off / I amputate
Lavare: to wash, to cleanse
Detumescens: cease swelling / bring down swelling
Canaliculus: splint
alvarium album: white apiary / white beehive (Minerva’s password in “A Startling Revelation” and earlier chapters)
Apiarus: from apiarum, beehive, apiary (Albus’s nom de plume from “Minerva’s Project”)

DISCLAIMER: As I assume everyone who is able to read knows, Harry Potter and the Harry Potter universe and its characters belong entirely to J.K. Rowling and those with whom she has contracts assigning certain of her copyrights (e.g., Warner Bros.). This is a piece of fanfiction intended as personal entertainment and a humble homage to JKR’s wonderful fictional universe. It is not intended to infringe on her copyright in any way, but is intended to promote the reading and enjoyment of her books. I make no profit from this and strongly doubt my story has the power to divert any profit from JKR; if anyone reads my fanfic stories in place of, or mistaking them for, JKR’s, they are more than a little meshugga!

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  1. I absolutely adore your fics- An Act of Love was very tastefully written, and quite well done. Also, I really think that Resolving a Misunderstanding is much better than most of the novels that I read. Great job, and kudos for great writing!!

  2. Yay!!! Yet one more way I can harass you about your stories. Tee Hee! So when can I expect another update for AAoL?????


    The GLM

  3. Thanks very much! Glad you are enjoying it. The next chapter will likely be up on Friday this week.

  4. As if the GLM didn’t already have enough ways to bug me about it! ;D

  5. Hey…what’s one more to add to the list??? You said to “remind you” about it so I’m technically just doing my job!!!

  6. Oh, lovely. She remembers THAT! Oh, all right, harass away! You are my loyal GLM, after all! 😀

  7. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! My plan is in motion now buddy!!! I will harass you until I get my ADMM LEMONS!!! WHEEEEE!!! Isn’t life delicious???

  8. *grumblegrumble* Yeah, right, delicious . . . 😉

  9. Awww…poor little you…pats on the back and giggles! it will all be o-tay!!!

  10. You’re such a comfort! and a pain! But mostly a comfort! ;D

  11. I meant, of course, that the next update of An Act of Love will be up on Friday. It may be up tomorrow, actually. Thanks very much for your comment!

  12. You do know how to make the “pain” bit go away, right???

    UPDATE AAOL!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yeah yeah…sticks and stones……….

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