Banners for my stories

I don’t think my LJ will be a very lively place, but I thought it would be nice to post my banners for my two longer fanfics here and links to my Author profiles on the different archives and leave notes about updates, story progress, new stories, etc.

Banner for “An Act of Love”

An Act of Love, large

Main banner for “Resolving a Misunderstanding”

Resolving a Misunderstanding

Version of the banner of “Resolving a Misunderstanding” with Quin

Resolving a Misunderstanding

I post my fics at The Petulant Poetess, SH Lumos, SH Occlumency, and ffnet.

Please note that the chapters for Resolving a Misunderstanding are broken down differently on Petulant Poetess and Lumos than they are on ffnet — shorter ffnet chapters were combined on TPP and Lumos, so chapters 1 – 50 on the moderated archives are the equivalent to chapters 1 – 68 on ffnet. Later chapters are also occasionally divided somewhat differently.

11 responses to “Banners for my stories

  1. Fun to see who your idea of Quin is. Pardon my ignorance, but what is that actor’s name. It’s one of those I know I’m going to kick myself for afterwards, saying how did I not recognize him.

  2. Pierce Brosnan — a lovely Irish actor!

  3. Don’t know how it’s possible that I didn’t recognize him. Perhaps it’s that I was exhausted after spending the day in Disneyland. I’ve had houseguests that were staying for a few days which has become their entire 2 week vacation. (grumble) I adored him in Remington Steele when I was in High School. I’ve been a bit behind with my reading and reviewing, but I still love your stories!

  4. Hi! I just saw you replied to this after answering your RaM review and telling you my reply was up! Oh, well. Sheesh — unexpected houseguests for 2 weeks??? Unless they’re close family, I think that would prompt me to think they had used up a lifetime of visiting me — and if they were close family, I think I’d talk to them about planning better next time. Even if you don’t really mind TOO much, it still is a lot of work and can disrupt your own life. May I guess that living in proximity to Disneyland might have something to do with the attractiveness of your home as their vacation-destination? I hope they’re good houseguests, at least, and chip in in whatever way might be appropriate.

    I did play with the pic some, so I can see not recognizing him on first view if your not thinking in that direction. I’ve pictured him since I came up with the Quin character — but with his hair with a bit of gray in it like in some of his more recent photos (and in “After the Sunset” — that is a droolfest of a movie, even if the plot is somewhat on the thin side). I, too, watched Remington Steele when it was on way back when. I think I was in HS or college at the time. Mmmm.

  5. Here’s the pic I used for “Quin” in the banner.

    And here’s Kate Hepburn as the young Minerva for the two RaM banners.

  6. Well, technically I’m over 50 miles from Disneyland, and it has been disruptive to say the least. I want my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In other news, thanks for the info on the pic and seeing the original helps put the pieces together.

  7. Scarredrose from Lumos here, didn’t realize you had a journal ^^ hope you don’t mind being friended

  8. I love to be friended. I’m not too good at doing it the other way around (laziness, I suppose!), but I’m happy to have you friend me. And now you have a nice little insight into what the next couple chappies of RaM will be like! ;D

    Thanks for the note!

  9. Hi,
    Kate Hepburn as young MM is a very good choice for the banner – I even recognized her right away *g*. Although I dearly love Maggie Smith and think her very beautiful at young MM’s age (anybody remember “Murder by Death”, her low-cut eveningdress?), she would not look the MM-type then.
    Best regards,
    Micha (Chemistress)

  10. Yes, I didn’t see younger Minerva as looking like Maggie Smith, either, and since my initial image of her before the movies came out was sort of Kate Hepburn-ish, I found some pics I thought would fit for RaM.

    I’m glad you liked it!

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