Resolving a Misunderstanding on TPP & Lumos

The moderated archives are now (finally) completely caught up with what is posted on ffnet; from now on, each of the archives will be updated with the same chapter of RaM on the same day.

A new chapter of RaM will likely be posted today or tomorrow; it’s called “Disarming Minerva,” and is chapter 100 on ffnet and chapter 81 on TPP & Lumos.

Don’t forget that there’s a quasi-outline of RaM, with the dates on which each chapter takes place, in this entry of my LJ.

*EDIT 30 August 2007, 23:04* I am going to try to continue to update the outline as the story is updated, adding additional info to the summaries and including the date on which each chapter takes place. I have updated it through “Disarming Minerva” as of today.

4 responses to “Resolving a Misunderstanding on TPP & Lumos

  1. Chapter 100!!! Wow…that’s quite an accomplishment. It certainly doesn’t feel like we’ve been reading for 100 chapters. You have a fantastic way of spinning an intriguing tale!

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. What a handy timeline! Thanks for putting it together.

  4. You’re welcome!

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