New Chapter of RaM

RaM will be updated on all the archives today, 3 September. “Silly Wizard”: Albus makes a change.

This chapter is entirely from Albus’s point-of-view. We last got Albus’s p.o.v. in “Impulse,” which took place in the early morning hours of 23 July. “Impulse,” “Meeting Morag,” “Jeremiah was a Jarvey,” “An Evening in Hogsmeade,” and “Disarming Minerva” all took place on the 23rd, and track Minerva’s day.

Don’t forget that there’s an outline of RaM that has the dates for each of the chapters. The outline is here. There’s also a recent entry with info on all the stories, but particularly about RaM, including the names of the characters and the “magical Latin” used in the story.

What do you think?

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