Next RaM-based Game!

This is a matching game, and I think it’s the most challenging one yet, but perhaps the most fun, too.

Who’s Who?

Match each person with their profession or avocation!
Warning: some of these may be difficult because we might usually think of them in a different role and some answers may be used more than once!

1 Albus Dumbledore A. Editor
2 Brennan O’Donald B. Ancient Runes expert
3 Minerva McGonagall C. Minister of Magic
4 Egeria McGonagall D. Department of Mysteries Bureaucrat
5 Malcolm McGonagall E. Healer
6 Quin MacAirt F. Botanist
7 Morgan McGonagall G. Transfiguration Mistress
8 Oliver Ouelette H. Apothecary
9 Madam Perlecta I. Entrepreneur
10 Murdoch McGonagall J. Arithmancer
11 Gertrude Gamp K. Chemist
12 Merwyn McGonagall L. Seer
13 Hafrena MacAirt M. Auror
14 Crispin Fastnott N. Publisher
15 Francis Flint O. Alchemist
16 Melina McGonagall P. Mediwitch
17 Finn Futhark Q. Librarian
18 Nicolas Flamel R. Curse-Breaker & Pest-Control Specialist
19 Aileen Gamp MacAirt
20 Madam Valentius
21 Philip Frankel
22 Robert Crouch
23 Christopher Dumbledore
24 Lillian Evandras
25 Septimus Sprangle

How did you do?

1 Albus Dumbledore O. Alchemist
2 Brennan O’Donald K. Chemist
3 Minerva McGonagall G. Transfiguration Mistress
4 Egeria McGonagall E. Healer
5 Malcolm McGonagall R. Curse-Breaker & Pest-Control Specialist
6 Quin MacAirt I.  Entrepreneur
7 Morgan McGonagall A. Editor
8 Oliver Ouelette C. Minister for Magic
9 Madam Perlecta Q. Librarian
10 Murdoch McGonagall H. Apothecary
11 Gertrude Gamp J.  Arithmancer
12 Merwyn McGonagall B. Ancient Runes Expert
13 Hafrena MacAirt L. Seer
14 Crispin Fastnott E. Healer
15 Francis Flint D. Department of Mysteries Bureaucrat
16 Melina McGonagall E. Healer
17 Finn Futhark B. Ancient Runes Expert
18 Nicolas Flamel O. Alchemist
19 Aileen Gamp MacAirt F. Botanist
20 Madam Valentius P. Mediwitch
21 Philip Frankel M. Auror
22 Robert Crouch H. Apothecary
23 Christopher Dumbledore N. Publisher
24 Lillian Evandras B. Ancient Runes Expert
25 Septimus Sprangle M. Auror


3 responses to “Next RaM-based Game!

  1. Hmmm…..some of these are really hard! Especially some of the male relations….when totally stumped I’ve chosen editor or publisher, b/c I figure someone’s got to be publishing all of the runic scholars’ works! 🙂

    Albus O Alchemist
    Brennan K Chemist
    Minerva G Transfiguration Mistress
    Egeria E Healer
    Malcolm R Curse-Breaker & Pest-Control Specialist
    Quin I Entrepreneur
    Morgan ?? Publisher?
    Oliver C Minister of Magic
    Perlecta Q Librarian
    Murdoch H Apothecary
    Gertrude J Arithmancer
    Merwyn B Ancient Runes expert
    Hafrena L Seer
    Fasnott E HEaler
    Franky Flint D Dept of Mysteries bureaucrat & barnacle
    Melina E Healer
    Futhark B Ancient Runes expert
    Nicolas O Alchemist
    Aileen F Botanist
    m Valentius Q Librarian
    Frankel M Auror
    Robert Crouch ?? A Editor? Runes or Arithmancy?
    Christopher Dumbledore ?? A Editor?
    Evandras B Ancient Runes expert
    Sprangle M Auror

  2. Okay, some of these I’m sure of, some I think I’m right, some I think I deduced correctly and a few are just out and out guesses. Definitely fun though.

    1 Albus Dumbledore O Alchemist
    2 Brennan O’Donald K Chemist
    3 Minerva McGonagall G Transfiguration Mistress
    4 Egeria McGonagall E Healer
    5 Malcolm McGonagall R Curse-Breaker & Pest-Control Specialist
    6 Quin MacAirt I Entrepreneur
    7 Morgan McGonagall A Editor
    8 Oliver Ouelette C Minister of Magic
    9 Madam Perlecta Q Librarian
    10 Murdoch McGonagall H Apothecary
    11 Gertrude Gamp J Arithmancer
    12 Merwyn McGonagall B Ancient Runes expert
    13 Hafrena MacAirt L Seer
    14 Crispin Fastnott E Healer
    15 Francis Flint D Department of Mysteries Bureaucrat
    16 Melina McGonagall H Apothecary
    17 Finn Futhark B Ancient Runes expert
    18 Nicolas Flamel O Alchemist
    19 Aileen Gamp MacAirt F Botanist
    20 Madam Valentius E Healer
    21 Philip Frankel M Auror
    22 Robert Crouch H Apothecary
    23 Christopher Dumbledore N Publisher
    24 Lillian Evandras B Ancient Runes expert
    25 Septimus Sprangle M Auror

  3. 1 Albus Dumbledore O
    2 Brennan O’Donald K
    3 Minerva McGonagall G
    4 Egeria McGonagall E
    5 Malcolm McGonagall R
    6 Quin MacAirt I
    7 Morgan McGonagall A
    8 Oliver Ouelette C
    9 Madam Perlecta Q
    10 Murdoch McGonagall H
    11 Gertrude Gamp J
    12 Merwyn McGonagall B
    13 Hafrena MacAirt L
    14 Crispin Fastnott E
    15 Francis Flint D
    16 Melina McGonagall E
    17 Finn Futhark B
    18 Nicolas Flamel O
    19 Aileen Gamp MacAirt F
    20 Madam Valentius P
    21 Philip Frankel M
    22 Robert Crouch B
    23 Christopher Dumbledore A
    24 Lillian Evandras B
    25 Septimus Sprangle M

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