The answers are up!

The answers to the character matching game are up! You can see them if you scroll down from here.

How did you do? I know that some folks (everyone who posted an answer, I think) had trouble with Robert Crouch. If you go back to the chapter in which he and Minerva are talking at the Gamp party, you’ll find the discussion with the answer. That’s Chapter LIII: The End of the Party  (FFnet chapter 71).

Would anyone like another game? I have a couple more . . .

7 responses to “The answers are up!

  1. Morgan McGonagall and Christopher Dumbledore were also somewhat elusive, at least for me. I guessed they were somewhere in the writing/editing field but that was just a guess. Where were their occupations hiding?

    I haven’t found any way to search all the chapters for a name….save going through every page on the boards or every chapter on FF and using F2 “Find in this page.”

    Games are always fun.

  2. I’ve since found Morgan, sort of–a refernce to him and Fiona “if they weren’t working on a making a baby, then…. their editing and proofreading” But that was really tucked away! Christopher is still hiding….

  3. Actually, you might be able to use the “search” function on the boards. I’m not entirely certain how well it works, though.

    The main mention of Christopher Dumbledore’s profession was in the chapter in which Minerva left for her holiday and Albus removed his beard and shortened his hair — “Silly Wizard.” I am not entirely certain whether it was mentioned again during any of the three “Albus-chapters.”

    Morgan was a difficult one. In one of Minerva’s reflections, she decides not to go see Morgan and Fiona because if they weren’t busy trying to make babies, they were likely busy with their editing and proofreading. I am not entirely sure what the chapter name was, but it was the one in which she has the little fantasy in the woods, then Apparates to her brother Malcolm’s to discover that he’s been picked up by a witch (who turns out to be Gertrude, but we don’t have that info there), so she goes on and visits her Aunt Helen and Uncle Perseus for the day. The following day, she returns to Hogwarts.

    I don’t think that all of the character details are available on the list of characters, but some of them are — many of the characters in the matching game had their professions listed, but not all.

  4. Ah, finally found Christopher’s ‘small wizarding press’ in “Silly Wizard.”

  5. I ended up going through the boards page by page w/ F2–only 30-some pages as opposed to over 100 chaps on FF. 🙂

    I think I tried the boards’ search fx once and didn’t have much luck, but I could be mistaken.

    Just out of curiosity, as you write do you save each chapter as a separate document, then link them all as a master document, or ??? I’m sure there are times you must need to search the entire thing yourself….either that, or at least search your entire outline, which I imagine is also quite the complex document!

  6. I have my “working copy” — the one that has the chapter I am currently working on being written, and which has the unpolished drafts of the chapters for the first third or so of the fic — and I have the “polished” copy, which has all of the chapters as polished and as uploaded to the TPP and Lumos archives, with the proper chapterization (if that’s a word!), and all the early chapters polished. I also have a few other documents and one spreadsheet with four separate worksheets. One of the docs is a detailed outline of the story. One of them is a rough outline that I only occasionally refer to now, since I did the detailed outline back in April or so. One doc has several separate sections with character sketches, concepts explained (the mated wands, for example), and other bits and pieces, and another document has parts of future chapters that I cut and paste into it and save for when we reach that section of the story. (If I didn’t cut and paste the partial chapters into that doc, I’d have more docs to deal with, which would be a pain!) The “Albus chapters,” for example, had a couple pages of the detailed outline devoted to them, plus several pages of the other doc, so when I went to write the chapters, it was mainly a matter of putting it into first person narrative and fleshing it out. They were actually written in rough form several months ago, and I had had the idea for them even before I thought about writing RaM, which has been in bizarrely whole form for a very long time, and just requires writing out — details change, and precisely how a particular scene plays out happens as I’m writing the story, or where a particular scene fits in the telling of RaM may get moved around, but what happens and who the characters are has remained pretty stable since February or March. It’s peculiar, really. . . . But not being a fiction writer, who am I to know how these things are supposed to work. Maybe this is normal?

  7. BTW, the “working copy” has the whole story, it’s just not the polished version. I also have to do separate copies for posting to the archives, to the board, and to ffnet, but I delete them when I’m through posting. For ffnet, I can usually just paste the chapter into a separate WP doc and upload that, but sometimes I have to edit it for the “adult content” to keep it ffnet safe. TPP and Lumos use limited html mark-up, and you know the bb mark-up that the boards use.

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