RaM has been updated!

Resolving a Misunderstanding has been updated everywhere EXCEPT FanFiction.net, which will not let me add a new chapter (it keeps giving me error messages — grrrr).

UPDATE: FFnet has finally been fixed, and the chapter is now uploaded there, as well.

“Questionable Intentions”: Albus pays Minerva a visit. A very great misunderstanding ensues.

“Seeking Solace”
Minerva Apparates to Quin’s London flat, and he is surprised by what he sees. 14 August 1957.

If you normally read on ffnet and want to read it elsewhere, try the Petulant Poetess website, or (if you are not of-age and so can’t login over at TPP), you can try the admm fanfic board. Not the easiest place to read fics because of the format, but . . . . 

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