Happy New Year!

I hope everyone starts 2008 in good health with hopes for the coming year!

The next chapter of Resolving a Misunderstanding will be posted sometime this week, so if you are waiting for that, it won’t be too much longer. As I mentioned in the previous post, the Gertrude Gamp one-shot (“The Unsentimental Arithmancer”) has been posted to ffnet, The Petulant Poetess, and the boards. I had thought to do additional RaM-related one-shots once RaM was complete, a la “Obliging Minerva” and “The Unsentimental Arithmancer,” and I may still do that if there is an audience for them. (I also was thinking of writing a Gertrude/Malcolm one-shot, lemony, and I’m still considering doing that.)

If you have enjoyed the short fics I’ve written, they are now available in pdf format for download over at Potter Place, a Yahoo group for adult HP fans, in the files area. The first pdf contains “Budding Charms,” “Falling for Pomona,” “Impressing Filius,” and “The Unsentimental Arithmancer.” The second set contains “Circadian Rhythm,” “Heat,” “Obliging Minerva,” and “Lemon Drabbles.” I plan to make An Act of Love and Resolving a Misunderstanding available in pdf in this way, as well, if people are interested in it.

Happy New Year!

5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Yay! I can’t wait for the next chapter! I loved “The Unsentimental Arithmancer”, and I definitely will read any more RaM-universe one-shots, if you write them. I hope that you have a Happy New Year!

  2. Oddly enough, “The Unsentimental Arithmancer” didn’t have much of a reception over at the board — only two people liked it over there, apparently, whereas other sites had folk who actually enjoyed it, so I don’t think I’ll be doing more off-the-wall one-shots like that for the board.

    Unfortunately, a Gertrude/Malcolm one-shot would be too spicy for ffnet (at least to post there safely), so I’ll likely only post it for download somewhere like Potter Place, and possibly post it over at TPP (just for the sake of completeness since they have everything else), since one-shots (especially, apparently, those not featuring ADMM) are not particularly enjoyed over at the board.

    I’d already pretty much decided that since “Heat” (which I think is one of my better lemons) didn’t have much of an audience, it’s probably pointless to post non-ADMM stuff there, but I thought that the RaM tie-in would create an audience for “The Unsentimental Arithmancer,” particularly since I had the impression that there were a few people who liked Gertie Gamp there. I also thought that Albus was rather cute in this glimpse of him in his pre-Hogwarts days. Ah, well! It was an experiment! Can’t know whether something will be a success until you’ve tried it, after all!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you, MMADfan.

    More RAM–yay! I’ve been occupying myself during your holiday by watching Alan Rickman movies (Snow Cake, Galaxy Quest and his parts of RH:POT being my faves so far), but am very ready from some more RAM ADMM!

  4. Howdy and Happy New Year!

    Wide audience or no, I for one look forward to whatever you choose to post (lemony, non-lemony, whatever). Maybe some would-be readers are scared of big, grown-up words and multi-chapters? Hell no, not me! Perhaps an “over 30-ish” age line? *snerk*

    I think some folks want quick satisfaction with the fan ficcies they read, and don’t like to work to understand the plotlines and characterizations. I love the character back-stories which you create.

    O’ course, I’m older, and have more insurance than a lot of HP-verse fan fic readers…

    Cheers for now,

  5. The Gertie-Gamp one-shot was, well, a one-shot, not multi-chaptered, though, and I had thought some of the RaM-readers over on admm would enjoy it, but only a couple did. And the other one-shots I’ve posted there that have not been ADMM haven’t had much response at all. I think that unless it’s ADMM, a story doesn’t get any reception on that board, even one-shots — which is fine. That’s just the audience on that board. So if I do any RaM-one-shots, I’ll post them to ffnet if they aren’t lemony, and archive them at TPP if they are. I doubt they’ll have a lot of readers on TPP, but since all my other stories are posted there, I’d post them just so that they are all in one place. And I can always make them available for download from Potter Place, as well. (That’s also easier than formatting and posting to the board, anyway.)

    But I do think that you’re right and many of the readers of RaM are older and more sophisticated, or however you might want to put it, though there are a number of younger readers, even some in their teens, over on ffnet.

    I’m glad you like the back stories for the characters! I think they help flesh out the plots and provide a source for the characters’ motivations.

    Hope you’re having a good beginning to the New Year!

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