Resolving a Misunderstanding Updated Again Today!

Resolving a Misunderstanding was updated today with the chapter, “Courting Minerva,” Sunday, 18 August 1957.

Next chapter: “Rematch”

The full, unedited version of Resolving a Misunderstanding can be found on The Petulant Poetess and Sycophant Hex Lumos, as well as in the password-protected areas of the CR and ADMM boards. (The links bring you to my author profiles on the two archives.) You do have to log in at the archives to read RaM, since it is an M/MA rated fic on those sites.

The versions that I post to ffnet contain all essential plotting, but any lemons have been modified (or occasionally eliminated, if it is unnoticeable, as in the shower scene in “Love Beyond Disbelief”) in order to maintain it at the “T” rating on that site, and occasionally certain sentences have been rewritten to eliminate explicit language. Every chapter that has been edited in that way has been labelled as such in the opening Author’s Note, except for one early chapter (the exception was the chapter “Hagrid’s Hut,” which was also edited for explicit content).

*EDIT*: Lately, TPP has been having a few technical problems occasionally — apparently bot attacks trigger them — but they have a great and responsive Headmistress, and it’s a really good site with a lot of good fics.


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