Resolving a Misunderstanding Updated!

Resolving a Misunderstanding has had a new chapter posted, “Abiding Love.” Friday, 23 August 1957.

This is a very explicit chapter, so if you would like to read the edited, less explicit (and much shorter) version, you can find a T-rated version on ffnet.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: SH Lumos has a technical limitation that is causing the last several chapters to be posted out of order and it is impossible as a user to fix it (the little up and down arrows don’t work properly once you’re past a certain chapter number in the system — 124, I believe). Therefore, I recommend that anyone who has been reading it over at Lumos read elsewhere, instead, until the problem is fixed.

There will be no more new chapters of RaM posted to Lumos until either the glitch is remedied or we have found a work-around for it (such as posting it as a new story beginning at the point where the problem starts — which I would be happy to do, if the reviews for those previously posted chapters can also be moved). I have emailed the folk at Lumos, and hopefully things will be worked out very soon.

In the meantime, I recommend reading either at The Petulant Poetess or at the Charming Roots fan board. The CR board is NOT an archive, however, and it can be cumbersome to find specific chapters, and such. It does have all of RaM, posted in the correct order, however, including the Lemons, which are in a password-protected area. In addition, the folk over at CR are friendly! 😉


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