RaM is updated today!

Resolving a Misunderstanding was updated today on all sites except Lumos. I have been in contact with the folks over at Lumos, and they are working on fixing the problem with the peculiarly disordered chapters that has plagued the last ten or so chapters. Hopefully, it will be fixed and I can post there again very soon!

“Sweet Delight”: Albus and Minerva go on the picnic that Albus planned for them. Friday, 23 August 1957.

This is an explicit chapter and there is a T-rated version available on FFnet.

EDIT: It appears that The Petulant Poetess website is also suffering from a similar problem that Lumos is, but the problem begins with chapter 128. The chapters between CXXVIIII and CXXXIV are posted in REVERSE order, with the exception of the final chapter. It appears that every time a chapter was added, it moved the previously posted chapter back to the initial 128 spot. Based on what happened with the chapters on Lumos when I tried to move them using the little arrows provided, I am not touching them. Hopefully, the Headmistress over at TPP can fix this problem! Eeek!

In the meantime, I recommend reading either at The Petulant Poetess or at the Charming Roots fan board. The CR board is NOT an archive, however, and it can be cumbersome to find specific chapters, and such. It does have all of RaM, posted in the correct order, however, including the Lemons, which are in a password-protected area. In addition, the folk over at CR are friendly! 😉


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