New Chapter Posted to Resolving a Misunderstanding Today!

Resolving a Misunderstanding just had a new chapter posted, “A Spree,” to all sites but Lumos, which is still suffering from chapter-numbering problems. Carecrystal of SH has assured me that the problem will be fixed in some fashion, and she is working on it, so hopefully, I’ll be able to catch Lumos up with the other sites very soon.

In the meantime, the new chapter is posted to The Petulant Poetess,, and the boards.

I hope you all enjoy it!

“A Spree”: Minerva looks on as Malcolm completes some tests, then she watches as Malcolm and Albus duel.

RL is busy, so that has slowed the pace of updates, but there aren’t many chapters left — savour them! 😉


What do you think?

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