Final Chapter of “A Holiday with the Headmaster” Posted!

Holiday with the Headmaster medium
“A Holiday with the Headmaster” was updated on TPP and CR today with the final chapter.
Chapter Twelve Summary: Minerva has a bit of an adventure; Albus adds Minerva to the wards before they leave the island.
Genres: Erotica, Humor, Romance
Rating: MA (NC-17)
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Complete in twelve chapters!

General Story Summary: Albus and Minerva take a holiday before the onset of the school year. Set in late August 1957. A restful retreat of a story, romantic and lemony. Take a little holiday! A lemon in every chapter.  "> D

Part of the “Resolving a Misunderstanding” universe, but it’s not necessary to be familiar with that story to enjoy this one. Not DH-compliant.


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