Stories from the “Resolving a Misunderstanding” Universe

Now that I have finished “A Holiday with the Headmaster,” I realised that I have several stories that are explicitly set in the same HP universe as Resolving a Misunderstanding. Here is the full list, as of now, in chronological order according to when the story is set, not when it was written:

“The Unsentimental Arithmancer”: 1917
Resolving a Misunderstanding: July – August 1957; 1849 – 1957
“A Holiday with the Headmaster”: August 1957
“Obliging Minerva”: October 1957
An Act of Love: September 1996
“Death’s Dominion”: October 1996 – July 1998 (AU)

Both in the sense that all fanfiction is AU and in the sense that none of mine are DH-compliant, all of these stories are AU;  “Death’s Dominion,” however, is explicitly AU in that it offers alternative HP-Years Six and Seven. Not only is it not DH-compliant, and instead complies with Albus Dumbledore’s back-story in Resolving a Misunderstanding, it is a bit of a DH-twister, as well.

All the stories can be found on The Petulant Poetess Website. All of them except for “The Unsentimental Arithmancer” are rated M or higher on TPP, but there is a T-rated version of Resolving a Misunderstanding available on (“The Unsentimental Arithmancer” is T-rated.)

*ETA* If you want to see the most recently updated list of RaMverse fics, go to the list of all MMADfan fics and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can also find the links to all the fics on that page, as well.

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