A Holiday with the Headmaster available in pdf

Holiday with the Headmaster large

*Edited 04 Feb 09*

“A Holiday with the Headmaster” is now available in pdf format in the Potter Place files area.

Go to the files area (find it on the left side of the screen), then to “FanFiction,” then to “MMADfan’s Fics.” Right-click on the file to download it, double click to open it in your browser.

A Holiday with the Headmaster is still available in pdf, but for space reasons, I took my larger pdfs off of Potter Place. Please email me or contact me through the blog if you are interested in the pdf version of HwtH. There are still some pdfs and rtfs of a few of my shorter fics available over at Potter Place, but the longer ones are archived elsewhere.

*ETA* The pdf of A Holiday with the Headmaster, as well as many other of my completed fics, is available on Our Mirror of Erised.

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