Death’s Dominion characters, Who’s Who

Someone asked for a list of characters (OCs) in “Death’s Dominion.” This little list isn’t comprehensive, but if there’s someone you’d like added, let me know in a comment!

Robert Gropius Crouch: born August 1919; Gertrude & Reginald’s son; Apothecary/Potions Master; Durmstrang; Wand of Ebony and Hippogriff feather.

Melina A. McGonagall O’Donald: born August 1936; Healer; Hufflepuff; Holly & Unicorn Tail Hair.

Alroy Cormac MacAirt: born December 1945; Businessman; Gryffindor; Yew & Unicorn Tail Hair.

Calum Michael O’Donald: December 1960; Melina & Brennan’s son; chemist (pharmacist); home-schooled & Muggle-educated; Rosewood & Dragon Heartstring.

Gareth Reginald McGonagall: 24 September 1964; Gertrude & Malcolm’s son; Arithmancer; Ravenclaw; Ash & Phoenix Tail Feather.

What do you think?

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