4 responses to “Thoughts about writing RaM and my other fics

  1. Cool!

    It’s always amazing how some plot bunnies strike, hard and fast, while others evolve much (much) more slowly. There is an emotional investment to writing, and to reading, that is often heavy but worthwhile.

    These stories (and their OCs) are your babies, after all!

  2. Yes, RaM (and most of its OCs, including Valerianna and Quin) seemed just to appear almost fully-blown in my head. It was weird. And when I wrote the early scene with Melina, Poppy, and Minerva, I automatically knew that they would have a son named “Calum” who would be a wizard but decide he wanted to continue his Muggle education instead of going to Hogwarts and that he would grow up to become a highly regarded chemist (pharmacist). That turned out to be quite handy when I started writing DD! I have a short fic with Melina and Murdoch set when Calum tells everyone he doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts, but I haven’t written it yet. Someday . . .

  3. I am glad I decided to sneak over and friend you. I will admit to not having read RAM, but have read AAoL and am reading DD. Both of which I adore and now I can hopefully look forward to an epic sequel for Severus and Hermione.

  4. Hi! I’m glad you snuck over here, too!

    If you like Severus Snape fics — and read lemons — you might like “Heat,” a Severus Snape one-shot over on TPP. It’s not set in the same universe as AAoL, though. But that’s good for Severus! 😉

    While you’re waiting for the next update of DD, you might like to take a look at RaM. A lot of people have enjoyed it, whether they’re initially fans of the pairing or not. It’s an epic, as you say, and there’s a lot of “story” to it — not just a romance.

    As for a DD sequel, I’ve got the beginnings of a draft of one. Who it will focus on and what will happen, though, that will remain to be seen! 😀

    Thanks for coming over!

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