Some Death’s Dominion information

DD avatarThe last few chapters of Death’s Dominion have had some new spells. Here are the roots of those spells. As I always point out, the spells may be derived from an actual language, such as Latin, but they only resemble the language and are not necessarily grammatically or linguistically correct.

From Chapter 23: They shan’t crack.

Massuelius: from Latin; mace, club, etc. Effect: injuries as if from a very hard blow, ranging from bruising to severe internal injuries and broken bones, depending on the force with which it is cast. Spell must be aimed, and it affects the body part that it directly hits.

Conruptus: from Latin; rotten, infected, damaged, etc. Effect: causes gangrene-like damage, loss of tissue. Spell must be aimed, and it affects the body part that it directly hits.

From Chapter 24: They shall have stars

Decapito: from medieval Latin; decapitate. Effect: rather obviously, it cuts off someone’s head.

Exentero: from Latin; disembowel. Effect: it eviscerates someone, disemboweling them.

Suain: from Gaelic (Scots); sleep. Effect: puts a person in a deep, undisturbable sleep for a number of hours unless awoken first by the counter-spell.

Prospirator: from Latin; pro- = for, on behalf of, forward, in front of, continue, etc.; spiro = life, breath, etc. The person who casts the Prospirote spell is the Prospirator, which is also the name of the spell.

Prospirote: from Latin (see above entry); te = you. Effect: causes the person upon whom the spell is cast to be breathed for by the person who casts the spell; sort of a wizarding substitute for the mechanical ventilator. Useful if the diaphragm muscles are not working for some reason.

Praecordiarigescere: from Latin; praecordia = diaphragm; rigescere = stiffen, grow rigid. Effect: paralyzes the diaphragm, inhibiting breathing.

Mosgail: from Gaelic; awaken. Effect: wakes someone from a deep sleep; also the counter-spell to Suain.

Frangere: from Latin; break, shatter, crush, fracture. Effect: breaks bones into small shards; the extent of the effect is determined by the strength with which it is cast. Spell must be aimed at and hit the specific body part.

(Just FYI, when conjugating Latin verbs, the “o” ending means it’s first person singular present tense. I generally don’t concern myself with conjugation, however, depending on the spell. Besides, my Latin lessons were too many years ago for me to spend time puzzling them out! LOL)

Any questions about any other noncanon spells in DD? There may be a few that aren’t included here. If so, feel free to ask about them here in a comment (or in a review of the story, if you prefer).

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