Death’s Dominion Update, At Long Last!

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“Death’s Dominion” was updated on TPP with Chapter Twenty-Seven: Shall not die windily. Yes, it’s been a long wait for you, and for poor Severus, but here it is, finally. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Events bring Severus to the end of his service with his false master as Hogwarts prepares for its defence. Hermione and Poppy are brought further into Minerva’s plans and become privy to some important information.

Characters: Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Peter Pettigrew, Poppy Pomfrey, Severus Snape, Tom Riddle
Genres: Alternate Universe, Psychological Drama, Mystery/Suspense
Rating: MA (NC-17) (Rated for language.)

Warning: Violence, explicit vulgar language, some possibly disturbing imagery

2 responses to “Death’s Dominion Update, At Long Last!

  1. A wonderful update it is, indeed.

    What are you going to write next? Life just wouldn’t seem right without a MMADfan fix on a regular basis.

  2. Other than the DD sequel, which is well underway already, I think I’ll just be writing short things. I am finding that I want more time when I’m not thinking about the fact that I have to work on and update a WIP.

    I’m going to finish the DD sequel (which is up to around 360 pages at this point, I think) and then begin posting after it’s finished, that way I can update even when I haven’t got time to write. I am going to revise the entire draft, but I might start posting it as I revise, depending.

    The sequel is a Severus Snape story and follows him as he tries to figure out how to be Severus Snape with a life. heh! It’s not like DD, in that it’s much more straightforward (it’s pretty chronological), but Severus goes through, um, phases, I guess. It’s a pretty happy fic, basically, though I wouldn’t call it fluffy. I don’t think I could do a long fluffy SS fic. Doesn’t seem that fluffy & Severus are close friends. *smirk*

    I’ve been writing a short ADMM piece for a while (basically a lemon) set in, oh, around early 1958, I guess, but I have been spending too much time on DD to get back to it. As it’s part of the plot-heavy RaM-verse, I can’t exactly call it a PWP, but some people might. I hope it will please many ADMM-shippers and RaM-fans when it’s finally finished.

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