I must go shine my halo now! LOL!

This one was funny. Some of the choices were really amusing. But most amusing was my result:

How evil are you?

One response to “I must go shine my halo now! LOL!

  1. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to right this for mohnts, but I’ve been so busy one way or the other I’d only just found the time to do it. You bring up a good point about copyrights where the original holder is deceased. That’s not something I’ve mentioned. For the record, the life of a copyright can be indefinite under certain circumstances, but usually it’s 70 years after the owners death. Finding the owners can be an arse, and works which are classified orphan works’ (i.e. without an identifiable owner) are not legally free to use. There are foundations that manage licensing for those works (and give the money out to the owners if they can find them) but it’s a horrible, grey area of copyright law.Copyright law in general is awful and really quite nasty towards the average person and towards public cultural development. I’m generally of the opinion that copyright should be reduced in both scope and length, but it is how it is for the time being so there we go.

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