While you’re waiting . . .

. . . for an update to Death’s Dominion, you might be looking for something else to read.

If you’re in the mood for something by me, two of my favorite short fics are “Heat” and “Now is Perfect.” “Heat” is lemony & filled with Snapey-goodness, and “Now is Perfect” is a quiet, fluffy story with a different RaMverse couple. “Heat” is not set in the RaM-universe, but “Now is Perfect” is set in the RaMverse in approximately 1960. If you feel like a little non-RaMverse Minerva, try “Minerva in Hogsmeade.” Very short and humorous. All three are one-shots. (“Heat” is rated MA, “Now is Perfect” is T, and “Minerva in Hogsmeade” is K+. “Now is Perfect” and “Minerva in Hogsmeade” are also available on ffnet.)

I don’t usually make fic recs on my journal (I hate to feel I’m leaving someone out or having someone possibly feel slighted, so please don’t be if I don’t happen to mention something you think I should — but do feel free to leave your own recs in a comment!), but if you’re interested in some ADMM romance and other romantic fics, you might enjoy checking out fics by Hogwarts Duo, stefdarlin, HMS Frivolity and Felines, or dmf1984. I haven’t read everything they’ve written, just smatterings here and there, but they tend to do nice characterizations. The links lead to their ffnet author pages, but I know that a few have also posted some pieces over on TPP.

For a really good SSHG fic, check out Hypnobarb’s Looking for Magic.

3 responses to “While you’re waiting . . .

  1. So, do I blame you, or Hypnobarb, for my sleep deprivation over the past few nights? Thanks for the rec! Of course I’m not a huge fan of her Albus, but he’s plausible and basically decent, if not how I see him. Thanks to your DD and your recs I’ve developed a bit of a taste for HGSS. (I’m also reading a HGMM which, though I’m not a fan of slash generally, I’m liking, and the pairing certainly makes sense if you imagine either of them going that way. “Watching from afar” by tanithw on FFnet:
    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3563503/1/ )

  2. Yes, he’s not RaM!Albus, and I have to always remind myself of that, particularly since the person he’s married to in LfM isn’t Minerva. However, Hypnobarb’s Albus is plausible. I am wa-ay behind in my reading of it, so no spoilers, please! 😀

    For an ADMM one-shot that won’t keep you up too late tonight, you might like to look at Stef’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” over at TPP. (I think I put it in my favorite stories over there, so I think you can just get to it from that link.) It’s bitter-sweet, but with a happy ending.

  3. I read Dancing a while back, but re-read it tonight–thanks! Lovely artwork w/ it…..

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