About the DD Update

I hope to have the next DD update posted in the next two or three days. Sorry about the lengthy delay, but RL has taken all my mental and emotional energy the last few weeks.

6 responses to “About the DD Update

  1. Ok, MMADfan, it is now Nov 2nd, and you STILL haven’t told us what you’re writing for November!

    (You know my crazy imagination runs away from me, so if you don’t say I’m going to go on believing it is a 50,000 word Death’s Dominion Epilogue that is a giant flashback to Gareth’s conception… 🙂 Hehe, I bet it is super hot and dirty!!! 😉 And, yes, coincidentally I do happen to be on RaM Chapter 110.)

  2. If I were just writing fanfic, I wouldn’t bother with NaNoWriMo, since I’ve already written a ton of fanfic, and did tens of thousands of words in a very short time when I was writing AAoL. So my NaNoWriMo project has no relation to my MMADfan-fanfic-writing self, and I’m doing it under a different RL-related name. And the story will have a little heat, but not much. I hope I haven’t disappointed you! But I needed some impetus to try my hand at original fiction, and this seemed good. I required the challenge to do it.

    The epilogue is still only in draft form, and I need to fix it up and be happier with it than I am at the moment, but RL has been sort of torturous the last couple weeks, so it’s been hard to devote the mental energy to it.

    BTW, who are you? I have a few guesses, but . . .

  3. Oops, sorry, forgot to sign!

  4. I thought it might be you. 😉

    RaM chapter 110 is a nice one. I really like Malcolm and Gertrude together, and am particularly partial to the chapters of RaM with a lot of Malcolm in them. My faves are “Seduction” (chapter 110), “A Spree,” and “Apres Spree,” I think.

    Now to work up some energy to finish the epilogue . . .

  5. My extreme love of Gertie and Quin confounds me a little bit. I usually despise original characters so much that I won’t read a fic if it says there are any. Ah well, atleast we know that means I’ll buy your “original” (pff! wasn’t it all?) when Amazon starts selling it*! 🙂

    *it will probably be cheaper than RaM too. Have you ever tried to print that out?! Oh my god, so much money on ink and paper…

  6. To me, writing a character is writing a character. If I can’t write a character convincingly, it won’t matter where they originate — my fic or canon — they’ll still flop.

    Generally, I think that if someone can write a good character who happens to be a canon character, they’ll likely be able to write a good original character, too — provided that the character has a reason for being other than to create a Mary Sue for author wish-fulfillment! LOL!

    Anyway, I rarely have time to read fanfic these days, so it’s all kind of moot for me!

    I haven’t printed RaM out, but I know that the pdf (minus the cover page and appendix) is 1428 pages — but considering that it’s got 140 chapters + an epilogue in 19 parts (and is the equivalent of five books if I were restricted by the physicality of the real world rather than being freed by being able to make it one electronic doc), that’s not so bad. It is *definitely* a lot to print out, though! I’m always amazed when people tell me they’ve printed out the entire thing. It’s gotta be almost three reams of paper, then all that ink, as you say. Wow! But it does make it handy to reread the print version, I’m sure.

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