Upcoming DD update

After fussing over the epilogue and trying to decide how to incorporate something I had cut from the previous chapter, I decided to make it a chapter on its own rather than shoehorning it into the epilogue. The chapter is finished and is in the polishing stage right now. It’s a shortish one, but I think it’s appropriate to include it on its own, and it should be posted shortly. The epilogue will follow not long after that.

Thanks for your patience!

7 responses to “Upcoming DD update

  1. Oops. Wrote the first response out of order. Remind me to proofread when I do html, because I tend to lose my place. Here is the corrected one:

    No. You cannot finish the story, unless you are ready to start posting the sequel right away.

    finished Second Life. is almost done with Care of Magical Creatures. Caeria can go months without posting anything to Pet Project. Bloodcult of Freud is irregular, at best, when it comes to Seven Preposterous Things. can go a year between updates of The Summoning updates Resolution regularly, but it isn’t enough to feed my habit.

    I blame you for being such a good writer that you got me to like hot Albus/Minerva sex.

  2. I figured that’s what happened!

    Well, I’ve got a lot of the sequel finished, but until it is complete, I don’t think I’ll be posting it. I may not post it even then, depending . . . I’m not sure whether it would have an audience. It’s a bit different.

    I’m sorry I’ll be finishing DD, but there will be another new story along that will catch your interest, I’m sure.

    I was reading Pet Project back before I began writing RaM, and I recommend it to a lot of people.

    I’m glad you like hot Albus/Minerva sex now! 😉 I don’t mind being blamed for that!

  3. Oooh, an extra chapter that we hadn’t anticipated! A laginappe of sorts! Not a guerdon itself, b/c you owe us nothing, but certainly something special!

  4. Yep, a little bit of lagniappe for you! I’ve always loved that word. . .

    Hope you enjoy that something extra!

  5. Oh, BTW, that laginappe comment was me. My brain was still focusing on the glorious revolution occurring in real time!

  6. I was curious! 🙂

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