2 responses to “Death’s Dominion Available in PDF

  1. I would love to have a PDF copy of Death’s Dominion. I’ll have to see if I can move a PDF file onto my Palm PDA. It is great having my favorite fics available for reading whenever I have a chance.

    Send it to Barb@smalltownghosts.com

    It really is nice of you to do this for your readers.

  2. I would Love love love to have the entire RaM verse in PDF form. My eBook supports it and I could have it with me whenever I need something to read.

    I became hooked with “Act of Love” got crazy. caught up in “RaM”. I love this verse you have built. The writing is excellent, the characterizations compelling and I am now a die hard fan.

    My email addy is:

    bgchallenge at earthlink dot net

    Thanks for sharing!


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