Some Christmasy Fic Recs

Again, I normally don’t make fic recs on my LJ or blog because I’m always afraid of leaving out someone or causing hurt feelings or whatever, however, I recently recommended these fics elsewhere and thought I’d go ahead and replicate the post here.

I’ve read a lot of good Christmas/Yule/Winter fics over the years, many of which I don’t remember and which I read before I began using the MMADfan penname, so I have only got a few recs here. The links are to ffnet and OWL just because on ffnet, I could look at my C2, and then I just happened to pop over to OWL to look and see whether I could find fics there that I had read way-back-when, since I used to read mostly on OWL and SH before I started writing (I don’t believe I was aware of TPP back then). Anyway, here are a few, and ironically, the stories I found on OWL weren’t posted there when I first read them (I think they must also be on SH, or were at the time).

If I can think of or find some of the other holiday stories I’ve enjoyed in the past, I will add them to this post.

This is a sweet ADMM story by Hogwarts Duo. Minerva gets her Christmas wish . . . and there’s a very strategically placed red bow on her gift!

Pumblechook Not exactly a Christmas fic, though it’s still seasonal and has quite a bit of Christmas to it, Pumblechook by wartcap is one of my favorite fics. Read it; I really doubt you’ll regret it. It’s LOL FUNNY! It’s over at OWL, which is where this link leads, but I think it’s posted elsewhere, as well, and I’m pretty sure I originally read it over on Sycophant Hex. *ETA: Here’s the link to it over on Sycophant Hex: Pumblechook.*

Travels with Trolls
is also by wartcap, and is extremely funny. It is three short chapters that will leave you wanting more. It’s got a completely loopy Lockhart who just had me in stitches. The second chapter is called “Holidays with Hags,” and the third chapter is “Christmas on the Closed Ward.” Enjoy (and review!) – I am certain that I originally read this on SH, because I remember reviewing it over there on my old user account. *ETA: Travels with Trolls on SH.* She has recently reposted some of her stories to OWL, it appears. (I really like OWL, but I don’t post there because I didn’t want to have to go through the entire validation process over there again after having already gone through it at SH & TPP. But it’s a great site for HP fics!)

Feel free to add comments to this thread with some Christmas fic recs of your own!

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