For fans of ADMM, the “RaMverse,” and Charming Roots . . .

Hi! I have just created the adult Yahoo group, “Our Mirror of Erised,” and if you’re an adult, I’d like to invite you to join it!

Here’s the description of the group:

“Our Mirror of Erised”: an adult Yahoo group for discussion of HP fanfiction and related subjects.

Our Mirror of Erised is devoted particularly to somewhat unconventional noncanon ‘ships, with a focus on AU fanfic. So if you like ADMM, FFPS, or other relatively uncommon noncanon pairings, and if you enjoy AU stories — particularly those that disregard DH –look into Our Mirror of Erised!

There’s more info about the group in my first message posted. There are a bunch of links in the Links section, downloadable RaMverse fics in the files section, and the potential for more, with your participation. Create polls, upload files, share pics, and talk with others who also like the slightly unusual, noncanon ‘ships, like ADMM or FFPS.

Click to join our_mirror_of_erised

I have made the group open to the public, but I do want to keep it to people who genuinely enjoy these noncanon pairings and AU stories, that is why this entry is password protected. If you know others who also like them and are sympatico, feel free to invite them — they do have to be adults, however. (Because some of the RaMverse fics have “mature content” and I wanted to upload them, it is an adult Yahoo group.)

I hope this will be a fun, albeit small, group!

*ETA*: I’ve added lots of links and started a fic rec database — it could use the input from others, though! Stop by and check it out!


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