The DD sequel has a title . . .

The Death’s Dominion sequel has a title: A Long Vernal Season.

About 400 pages in, and it finally has a title!

I’m just writing in fits and starts, so progress has been unpredictable. I still have two one-shots to write before I leave for the holiday next week. I hope my brain and my mood are up to it.

Off to find some medicinal chocolate and a nice cup of tea . . .

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  1. Now,that’s good news. I am in dire need of some captivating reading. This is Christmas and you are Santa!

  2. Hohoho!

    I’ll have to work on that, I think! 😉

    Depending on my progress with things, I might be able to give a “sneak peek” at the prologue and first couple of chappies between now and then. Maybe over at Our Mirror. They’re still in draft form, and I do want to finish the story before I begin posting it officially.

    Ho-ho-ho! Was that better? ;D

    Speaking of captivating reading, I’ve got to get back to LfM! Maybe over the holiday I could read that, especially when I’m not feeling like writing. I saw where it will be finished relatively soon, and I’d like to be at the end when you reach it!

  3. That would be lovely and a special treat for the Mad for MMADfan fans.

    (say that three times really fast)

    It’s amazing. I started writing LFM in 2005 and am within five or six chapters of posting the last chapter of the story. Remind me the next time I decide to experiment with writing not to start with an epic.

  4. HeyHypnobarb, I’ve had your story on my ff net faves for quite awhile. Man do you write fantastic stuff. I can’t wait to red more. That goes for MM as well.

  5. *Perk* You now have my attention. Sneak-peek?? LOL! 400 pages!?! I love you, MMADfan. You know that, right?

    I suppose you are giving me incentive to finish those last couple of chapters. I don’t want to be behind when you might decide to post the sequel. Yipes!

  6. I think I just tied my tongue in a knot! That’s harder than saying “Flitwick Flashfics” three times fast. 😉

    Heck, I started with RaM, so I can sympathize with the feeling you have about starting with an epic! Congratulations on making it for the long haul!

  7. Oh, yes, you must read the last couple chapters before you can read the sneak-peek at the sequel! You’ll enjoy the chappies, too, I think. 🙂 They should perk up your week a bit. And you’ll appreciate the sneak-peek so much more!

    It’s pouring rain here and bizarrely warm after being really cold and windy last week. . . .

  8. Squee! DD Sequel! Yay!
    MMADfan and Hypnobarb, I totally am w/ you about the pain of starting one’s writing career w/ an epic! RaM inspired me to start my own, and, well, it’s on Pause at the moment. I’d never written a word of fiction before….

  9. Nice to see you again. Glad you’re still reading & enjoying! -smile-

  10. Isn’t it astounding to realize that you’re writing fiction, though? The characters, the dialogue, where they come from — it’s all almost a spiritual mystery. It is easy to see why the Muses were divine . . .

  11. It really is a mystery–I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had that experience of characters taking on a life of their own a few times w/ _Love and Wisdom_ (said ‘paused’ epic) and once really powerfully in one of my shorter pieces–_Unforseen Consequences_. I can only imagine how mysterious it must be when conceiving a much more complex world as you have in RaM.

    One of the best explanations I’ve ever heard of how God relates to the space-time continuum as we perceive it, re omniscience, ‘predestination’, etc., involved an analogy w/ an author and his/her characters. For instance, L&W is ‘paused’ in my/our space & time, but in the world of the characters themselves, when I pick it up again, no time will have elapsed. Likewise I will know to some extent what will be happening to them, at least more than they will, but clearly I don’t know everything–they have lives of their own and surprise me. When they do that, I can choose to forcibly write them back onto my script or let them have their own way. It’s not a perfect analogy, and my explanation is even less perfect, but I found it an intriguing way of thinking about the question….

  12. Thank you! I’ve had an absolute blast writing LFM. It amazes me that readers have enjoyed it so much.

  13. When I started writing, I titled each new chapter by the date it occured in the story and kept it all as one document. By the time I actually started dividing the document into separate ones, I had fifty chapters written and didn’t even realize it.

    If I’d known it was going to run over 100 chapters, I’d have been too intimidated to start.

    I won’t tell you what Flitwick Flashfics sounded like after saying it twice. You probably already know that.

  14. Aren’t characters great when they hijack the story? Severus has bossed me around quite a bit in LFM.

  15. In RaM, Quin was supposed to go a bit further with Minerva than he did — not a lot, just a little — but he seemed to dig in his heels and refuse. Everything I wrote beyond a particular point just sounded awful and didn’t work at all. I finally got the idea through my thick head that Quin had ideas of his own, and so I let him have his way. He was more decent than even I had wanted him to be. LOL!

  16. That Quin is a honorable guy. He knew Minerva was rebounding and he wanted more than that. Most guys would have taken full advantage.

    I like that Quin.

    I like a few of the men in your stories. How is Gareth, by the way?

  17. Gareth’s doing quite well! He’s having fun in LVS, even off-stage. 😉

    I may post the prologue and first chapter over at Our Mirror either tonight or tomorrow.

  18. I posted the “sneak peek” of A Long Vernal Season over at Our Mirror. It’s the Prologue & Chapter One, and fairly short, but it will give you a taste!

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been hoping you’d go forward with it.

    -Andrea Itinerant

  20. Sorry to double-post, but is Our Mirror open to the public? If so, can someone direct me there? Thanks.

    -Andrea Itinerant

  21. Hi, Andrea!

    If you email me at my yahoo address — it’s my penname at yahoo — I’ll be happy to send you the link. Or “friend” me here at LJ.


  22. Hi, Andrea — Or you can contact me through my author’s page on the Petulant Poetess. 🙂
    — MMADfan

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