My new WordPress account

I have copied all of my LiveJournal posts over to WordPress. For the time being, at least, I will be posting to both sites. Eventually, my LJ account might be “mothballed.”

WordPress has a lot of neat features that LJ doesn’t have, so I’m going to see how I like it. I haven’t taken much time to modify and customize the theme for my WordPress blog, so it will eventually change, hopefully to something quite readable.

When exporting then importing my LJ entries to WordPress, some of the font sizes and so forth were not retained, so some of the older entries may look peculiar on WordPress, but I didn’t think it was worth going back and changing them. I do need to cull some of the posts, though, I think.

Rather than having the “friends” system that LJ has, WordPress uses a password system to restrict entries from the public. I’m not sure whether I like that or not; we’ll have to see!

2 responses to “My new WordPress account

  1. I love your header pic! I’ll be interested to hear how you like WordPress over time.

    I’ve been meaning to do the same thing, but haven’t really had enough to say to warrant the time to set up a real blog. I also need to change ISPs etc etc. At this phase of my life just putting random current bits on Facebook and pics on Flickr seems to suffice for me, but eventually…. And now I might as well wait til I know more what certain future options look like.
    Yes, I am a Mistress of Procrastination!

    I’ll add this blog to my feed reader.

  2. Hi, esoterica! I’ll let you know how the two compare. There are certain things I haven’t figured out yet with WordPress.

    I’m glad you like the image. It’s a version of the one that I used for the A Holiday with the Headmaster banner and is a view of some Hebrides islands.

    If I like WordPress for my MMADfan fics, I may set one up for the “real” me! LOL!

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