Brrrr . . . it’s cold outside!

My time on the mountain has been extended, partly by choice and partly by necessity, as the weather has turned quite nasty. Very cold, frigid temperatures, accompanied by snow at regular intervals, delayed my departure and then made me rethink my schedule altogether.

It’s nice and cozy inside, though, and I’ve been cooking those wintertime meals that are so comforting when it’s cold out. I’ve become very good friends with my woolly sweaters again!

My Muse seems to be vacationing in Bermuda or somewhere warm and relaxing right now, and she’s only occasionally dropping by to say “hi.” Nonetheless, the sneak peek at A Long Vernal Season was extended another chapter, now through chapter seven, and I’m still working on the story in fits and starts. This story I may only share through the “sneak peeks,” even if I do finish it. It’s . . . quirky, to put it one way.

I hope that my Muse returns long enough for me to write the drabble (only one hundred words — how hard can that be?) and flashfic that I have promised out there! I have the distinct sense from my Muse that she wants me to write something other than what I have had planned, though. Maybe if I indulge her, she’ll indulge me! LOL!

What do you think?

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