New “Sneak Peek” Uploaded

The next “sneak peek” at A Long Vernal Season was uploaded today. We’re up to draft chapter eight already! I’ve not been writing much recently, so I don’t know when the story will be finished and I’ll be able to make a decision about where & whether to post it to an archive.

2 responses to “New “Sneak Peek” Uploaded

  1. Hi. I’m excited to read that you are writing a sequel to DD. You mention a sneak peek. Is there someway that I can access it? Thanks.

  2. Hi, esmelle! Good to hear from you. I emailed you with info about the “sneak peek.” Thanks for your interest! The story actually has about 455 pages written so, but much of it is in the middle of the story and I’m now writing the beginning chapters. 🙂

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