Thinking of Importing Your LJ to WordPress?

The folks at WordPress have made it even easier to import your LJ to WordPress. I used a third-party tool back when I did it, and it wasn’t a bad experience at all, but this method sounds even easier and more thorough. Here’s the WordPress announcement:

I’m still updating my LJ on occasion, and I try to visit my Friends page (which is the one LJ feature that I miss, and which, despite WordPress’s claims about their community features, WordPress does not provide), but I am posting more over at WordPress than I am on LJ. I like most of WordPress’s features better.

*ETA* The third-party tool I used to import my LJ to WordPress was ljArchive. It didn’t do a bad job, but it sounds as though the new WordPress method is both simpler and more comprehensive. With ljArchive, you first use the program to archive all of your LJ entries, then you save the LJ as a file and transfer it to WordPress. The web site for ljArchive is It’s an extremely good tool for archiving your LJ, too, and you can sync between your computer and your LJ so that you always have a back-up copy of your LJ. It’s a rather nice archiving tool. (Edited 22 February 2009.)

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