What Happened When in the RaMverse, 1935 – 1998

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What Happened When in the RaMverse

Here’s a new doc with a RaMverse chronology from 1935 through 1998, containing a lot of the major events in the RaMverse and a few “real world” events for context. Just click the link above and download the doc. Events key to fics from Resolving a Misunderstanding through A Long Vernal Season.

Warning: There are some spoilers for the stories, particularly Death’s Dominion, if you haven’t read them yet.

If you don’t want to or cannot download the doc, the contents are replicated below. (It’s not very pretty in the post, I’m afraid! But the information is all there.)

Errata corrected, 14 December 2009. (That’s what happens when you work on more than one computer and you don’t synchronize your docs!)

For years prior to 1935, see the blog entry, “Chronology for Resolving a Misunderstanding,” which covers the years from 1840 through 1957.

IN THE RaMverse?

1935 – 1998



1935 Gertrude Gamp’s husband, Reginald Crouch, killed by Grindelwald, July; Robert Gropius Crouch, GG’s son, rescued by Albus, July; Maisie Tyree, NEWTs
1936 Connor Tyree takes NEWTs; Melina McGonagall born, August 28; Minerva Sorted; Dorcas Tyree born, December 12; Drusus Prince marries Mabelle Black
1937 Albus becomes Transfiguration teacher, June 21; Slughorn begins March 21; Pomona Sprout, Estelle Archer, Aileen Gamp sits NEWTs; Tom Riddle Sorted
1938 Poppy Sorted; Gertrude joins staff
1939 Hagrid Sorted; Blampa born, April; Ezra Cahill sits NEWTs; Britain enters the war
1940 Churchill becomes PM May 10; London Blitz begins September 7; Eileen Prince born; Davey Manning born
1941 Minerva comes of age October 4; GG’s brother Gareth Gamp, Aileen Gamp’s father, killed
1942 Tom Riddle opens CoS, June; Hagrid expelled; Quin MacAirt meets Aileen Gamp; Johannes Birnbaum begins teaching; Vector Sorted
1943 Minerva takes NEWTs, begins working for DIMC at MoM; Quin & Aileen marry
1944 Riddle takes NEWTs
1945 Minerva rescues Albus, January; Albus defeats Grindelwald, March; Poppy takes NEWTs, June; Alroy MacAirt born, 20 December
1946 Johannes Birnbaum made Head of Ravenclaw House; Connor Tyree marries Elisabeth Cooper
1947 Minerva leaves Ministry, June; Aine MacAirt born, June; Melina McGonagall and Dorcas Tyree Sorted; Aileen MacAirt dies, September
1948 Minerva goes to Beauxbatons, begins apprenticeship January; engages in Challenge then returns to Scotland, March; goes to Heidelberg, May; begins apprenticeship in Heidelberg, October
1949 Minerva returns to Scotland, October, begins at Ministry, Special Committee for Experimental Transfiguration, November; Vector, NEWTs
1951 Davey Manning Sorted
1952 Carleton Rath born
1953 2 June, QE2 Coronation; Liam Tyree, Connor and Elisabeth’s son, born
1954 Melina McG takes NEWTs, begins at StM’s; Poppy leaves StM’s, starts at Hogwarts
1955 Albus becomes Headmaster in November with death of Dippet
1956 Minerva becomes Hogwarts teacher, December
1957 “RaM” chapter one, 4 July; Alroy MacAirt Sorted; Anna Madelief Egeria Crouch born, 27 October (Gertrude’s granddaughter); Renwick Douglas born, spring; Melina marries Brennan O’Donald, August
1958 Johannes Birnbaum leaves Hogwarts, July; Aine Sorted; Morgan McGonagall and Fiona’s quads are born; Davey Manning sits NEWTs
1959 “Now is Perfect” begins, autumn; Eileen Prince marries Tobias Snape
1960 Snape born, 9 January; Calum O’Donald born, December; “Now is Perfect” ends, December
1962 Rosemary O’Donald born, March; Sarah Duffy born, November
1963 Malcolm McGonagall and Gertrude Gamp marry, 15 July
1964 Gertrude takes leave of absence; Gareth Reginald McGonagall born, 23 September; Liam Tyree Sorted; “A Christmas for Aberforth” takes place
1965 Gertrude returns to teaching, September; Tarrant McPherson born, 29 August
1967 Twiskett born, 5 May
1968 Renwick Douglas (Ravenclaw) begins at Hogwarts
1969 Quads begin at Hogwarts
1971 Liam Tyree takes NEWTs; Sharon Carter born; Snape Sorted
1972 Poppy and Murdoch McGonagall break up for the last time; Poppy and Quin date briefly during the summer
1973 Quin attacked by DEs and cursed by Voldemort, July; Rosemary O’Donald Sorted
1974 Sarah Duffy Sorted
1975 Stan Shunpike born; Renwick Douglas takes NEWTs; Murdoch begins seeing Estelle Archer
1976 Quads take NEWTs; Gertrude retires from Hogwarts, June; Gareth Sorted; Murdoch and Estelle marry; Helena Benetti born in Ottawa
1977 Malcolm killed, 14 July
1978 Snape’s NEWTs; Valerianna and Francis killed by DL
1979 Gertrude attacked by Death Eaters, May; Minerva takes custody of Gareth, who continues at Hogwarts during the year and spends part of his summers in Amsterdam with Robert, with lengthy visits to his mother
1980 Snape offered teaching job at Hogwarts, first in August, then again in December; Gareth quits Hogwarts, September, moves to Amsterdam to live with his brother, Robert Crouch, who becomes his guardian; Rosemary’s NEWTs; Harry Potter born, 31 July
1981 Snape begins teaching, January; Gareth takes OWLs as independent student; Ginny Weasley born 11 August; Sharon Carter Sorted; Sarah Duffy’s NEWTs (did not take Potions); Lily & James Potter killed
1982 Madelief Crouch marries and becomes Madelief Janssen; Liam Tyree marries Judith Gold
1983 Gareth takes NEWTs as an independent student, begins Arithmancy apprenticeship.
1985 Gareth completes Arithmancy apprenticeship.
1987 Eoghan Tyree born, 10 October, Liam & Judith Gold Tyree’s son; Suzie Sefton born, 31 August
1988 Sharon Carter sits NEWTs
1991 HP Yr 1
1995 Merwyn McGonagall, Minerva’s father, dies, 28 December; Liam and Judith Tyree killed in DE raid in November
1996 Snape hit by Adfectus, September; tells Minvera of Vow & curse, 26 December; AAoL & DD
1997 Albus “dies” 21 March
1998 Voldemort attacks, May, and is defeated by Harry with the help of Albus, Minerva, Gertrude Gamp, and Snape’s Slytherins; A Long Vernal Season begins, 24 August


Note: Some of these dates that refer to canon events are strictly canon, but some are not, depending upon the information available when I began the series. Dumbledore’s birth year was long presumed to be around 1840 based on an early statement by JKR; this information was changed after the publication of Deathly Hallows, long after Resolving a Misunderstanding began. A few of the dates are “real world” dates to help put RaM events in context.


There are a number of characters listed, primarily Tyrees, who are not yet referred to and have not yet appeared in any of the fics (as of November 2009). Most of these characters are only included for genealogical purposes and are Eoghan Tyree’s parents, grandparents, etc., or they may be related to Severus.  I tried to remove any spoilers for A Long Vernal Season or other future fics, though there may be some left.

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