Home again, home again . . .

MMADfan FanficI’m home again after a few weeks away visiting family, so although I can’t promise that updates to my WIP, A Long Vernal Season, will return to the break-neck pace they saw in November and December, I hope they will be a bit more predictable and regular.

I also hope, though I can’t promise, that my enthusiasm for the story — both writing it and posting it — will surge after having waned over the past couple months. Whether my enthusiasm for writing fanfiction will ever return to its high point, which it reached during Resolving a Misunderstanding and continued, with only minor ebbs, through Death’s Dominion . . . that seems doubtful, but I do hope that it continues to return and grow rather than die.

I am looking at this as my own personal New Year’s Day for fanfic writing. We’ll see where it is this time next year.

As far as writing itself goes, as long as I’m physically able to click the keys, hold a pen, or dictate to a computer (or, in the old-fashioned way, to a living person!), I can’t imagine that I will ever stop writing. Words, and the written word, have been too much my companions and inspirations throughout my entire life. Ever since I first comprehended, with still-remembered amazement, that the letters on the red sign, S – T – O – P, meant something, and then began reading, with great hunger, signs and cereal boxes and the sides of delivery vehicles, the written word has seemed like magic to me, no less today than when I was three years old and realized that the word “Cheerios” on the front of the cereal box said what was inside of it. Words beckon us to open the previously unknown, to look inside, and to explore . . .

Okay, too much red wine tonight! LOL! Anyway, look for another update to A Long Vernal Season no later than Sunday the 24th of January, “A Little White Lie.” (Don’t we all tell those, at least occasionally, and often to ourselves?)

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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