An evening of writing . . .

I spent a good deal of the evening working on A Long Vernal Season, and it felt quite good to get back into it again. Much of it was just tweaking and adding bits to already-written chapters in Part Seven, but I also picked up the chapter where I’d left off writing and have almost finished a draft of it. It felt as though it had been ages since I’d started writing that chapter, but I found that I was able to get back into the flow of it quite easily. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to continue to write a little every day.

Considering that I started this fic back in . . . must have been May or June of 2008? How could it have been that long ago? Time flies . . . Anyway, considering it’s been in the works for that long, begun as I was finishing Resolving a Misunderstanding and was in the midst of polishing and posting Death’s Dominion, I suppose I should be glad that I have been able to keep it up, particularly given the large disruptions and curve balls that RL has thrown me over the last couple years. I think there was at least six months when I hardly wrote anything at all.

I’m encouraged now, and hopeful that my energy and desire to write remain high!

What do you think?

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