LVS delayed update


I hope to have the next chapter of A Long Vernal Season posted tomorrow! Many apologies for its lateness!

2 responses to “LVS delayed update

  1. We’ll let you slide … THIS TIME!! Don’t make me get the flying monkeys. haha

    • I thought I was noticing a bit of a greenish tint to your complexion lately! I’m not worried, though — I have my furry fellas to protect me against any flying monkeys! LOL!

      I will try! I’m also writing a fic in response to the Pick Three Challenge over at CR, so I want to finish that, and it’s due tomorrow.

      You did just get a Minerva McGonagall fic from me, just a few days ago. A sad one, but still . . .

      Anyway, I’ll try harder to get myself together and post a chappie every weekend. 🙂 *angelic look*

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