Too hot to be inspired . . .

It’s HOT here. Again. It’s supposed to go up to 103 today (that’s 34 C), with the heat index making it feel like 110.

I’m not going anywhere if I don’t have to. Merely opening the door this morning practically knocked me over. I have a/c in the house, but it’s an old house with retrofitted hvac, and I can’t praise the job the previous owners did when they had it installed. However, it does keep me from melting, though it’s been struggling to keep the downstairs at a liveable temp — I am not looking forward to my electric bill after the last month!

So since I’ve already written a heat inspired fic — “It’s not the heat” — I don’t know whether I’ll be able to find any inspiration to write this weekend. I’d thought to work on the next chapter of A Long Vernal Season, but that doesn’t seem terribly likely at the moment. Besides, it seems a lot of people haven’t found the last chapter of LVS that I posted yet.  Or they’re off at the beach. Or they’ve melted in the heat. Or something. 😉

Speaking of fanfic and updates, Hogwarts Duo recently updated their fic over on ffnet, if you’re looking for something fluffy and ADMM-ish to read! I updated Charming the Scottish Garden on Thursday evening, so there’s some Johannes and Siofre budding romance to read, too. Hmmm, maybe I could manage to write some CSG today . . .

Off to find something cool to do now . . .

9 responses to “Too hot to be inspired . . .

  1. Hey!

    It’s hot here in SC, too. I can sympathize with your heat wave and the electric bill. EEEEP!

    Thanks for mentioning our story. It does seem that most people are away from their computers or not interested in the story.

    I always look forward to your story updates and CSG and LVS are no exception. Awesome stories!!

    • Hi! Yes, as Stef pointed out over on LJ, a lot of folks were at the HP Con this last week. They’re likely all recovering! I’m sure Florida in the summer was a very warm place to hold the con.

      I just indulged in my current summertime vice: orange sherbet with chocolate chips. Mmmm! Tasty and cold! And I can tell myself that it has vitamin C in it! And chocolate is a good source of iron. ;p It was very welcome on this hot day!

  2. oh I’m so sorry you are having such hot weather! that’s awful! please please please, don’t let the hot keep you from writing! pleaseeeeee! I wouldn’t another update of CSG or LVS, oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m not above begging lol!.
    Anyway I’m really sorry it’s so hot! *sending lots of cold thoughts* :D.
    Ah! btw, did you have the time to write that Gertrude description I asked a while ago, I really wanna start that drawing soon, so let me know!

  3. The heat index went up to 111 (44 C) today. I think it was 103 at the time. Nasty hot!

    You know when I think of the GG description? When I’m not at the computer! LOL! Not very helpful, is it? I have NOT forgotten it, though, and I promise I will send it to you. In the meantime, take a look at some pics of Siân Phillips at various times in her life. She’s not a dead ringer, but she could be a sister or cousin, or something! 😀 A Google search of her name brings up a nice variety of photos.

    Thanks for the note!

  4. Sucks that is so hot! I understand, I live in a place where is hot every day of the year, even when it rains it’s hot!
    I didn’t think you had forgotten, I just wanted to keep it fresh in your mind lol, I’ll wait patiently don’t worry, I have seen some pics of her; but it’s not only her face I wanted to capture, is her whole character, Gertrude, the woman, the witch, the mother, the wife, the teacher, the lover. Everything! I’m just so fascinated with her, it’s crazy really, but I can’t help it, she’s wonderful! Anyway, I hope you get a break from the hot soon. Take care!


  5. I’m just not at all accustomed to this extended heat, and wouldn’t want to become accustomed to it! It actually makes me feel sick, and I get bad headaches just being out in it. It went up to 39 yesterday, which pretty much kept me indoors except for the few times I had to go out. I’m a temperate-weather sort of person. LOL!

    It’s supposed to be a “cool” 37 (98) today. At least it will cool off a *little* more overnight tonight and go down to 24 (75). Still not a cool enough night time temp for my taste, but I’ll take it! It’s not quite as humid yet, either, thankfully. I was out back a few minutes ago, and I didn’t fee quite as assaulted by it! haha!

    I haven’t forgotten, and it floats through my consciousness on a regular basis! I’ll do what I can to work something up for you that may help. 🙂

  6. Hi!, I hope it cools down enough for you. I know people who aren’t used to it can have a hard with hot weather, I’m so used to living with 50, that I don’t mind the hot anymore that much and my electric bill is always HIGH! lol.
    Thanks for remembering and having it on your mind, you are wonderful. Take your time, I wouldn’t want you to stop writing updates! lol.
    Take care, I really hope it cools down!

  7. Yes, I read it. I loved it, I always thought they would make a cute couple, and you wrote them so perfectly. It’s amusing, you are like Filius then! LOL. You just need someone to bring you snow or take you to the snow 😀


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