“Charming the Scottish Garden” Updated

I’ve been away for a while, and not writing, either, though I’ve been polishing up some chapters of Draco’s Heart and posting them. I’ve been holding this chapter of Charming the Scottish Garden in reserve until I was certain I was going to feel like writing again. (RL has been rough, despite the vacation — I shudder to think what it would have been like without the vacation — and without family and friends to keep me going! LOL!) I hope you enjoy this update to Charming the Scottish Garden. I’ve made a stab at starting the next chapter, so hopefully the wait for the next one won’t be quite so long!


Charming the Scottish Garden
Chapter Eighteen: Not Untouched
Summary: Lydia frets; Siofre makes subtle plans to bring Johannes closer.
Rating: T
Genres: Drama, Romance, Humor, AU
Characters: Siofre Tyree, Lydia Prince Tyree, Johannes Birnbaum

Not DH-compliant/DH-irrelevant. A RaMverse fic.

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