Hallelujah k.d. lang

I was pottering around on YouTube listening to different covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. I hadn’t known that k.d. lang had done a version of it. I liked it — and she sings a version that I like, though not the final verse that I prefer about standing before the Lord of Song (I guess that there are literally dozens of Cohen’s verses to choose from). Still, it’s a good cover.

2 responses to “Hallelujah k.d. lang

  1. These are the lyrics that John Cale selected from the stack Leonard Cohen sent him – and they’ve become something of a vocal standard version. A few performers do the final verse, such as Leonard Cohen on his current tour. But, Cale, Jeff Buckley, Allison Crowe (my favorite), and most rock/pop versions don’t include it.

    These days, with the song becoming so mainstream the more conservative acts are dropping the lines about “tied you to a kitchen chair” or “remember when I moved in you”.

  2. I like Cale’s delivery of the song, but I do like that last verse that his version leaves out. It has a kind of defiant energy that leaves the song on a more affirmative ending.

    I like the Delilah/kitchen chair verse, myself.

    Leonard Cohen has some great lyrics in his songs, doesn’t he?

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