Stories added to

Over the last few days, I’ve been uploading some of my stories to They’re all ones that I had already posted to the Petulant Poetess. I’ve added them to ffnet now because they are all ones that are on my “Kid-Safe” list of fics, and I figure that some folks might prefer to read them on ffnet than on TPP (though I can’t imagine preferring ffnet over TPP, myself, there are some readers who only read on ffnet).

Among those stories I’ve uploaded are “The Cornish Pixie Prank,” “The Sunshine of Kindness,” “Awkward,” “Enter, Peacetime,” and the first few chapters of “The Sorting of Suzie Sefton.” I figured I’d upload them all before I could change my mind — or be discouraged. 😛

Happy Thanksgiving!

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