HP Fanfic Rec

Interested in reading a different sort of fic? How about a one-shot with a postwar Alastor Moody? It still manages to be DH-compliant, too:

“A Cup of Kindness”
by Regina Demonica
Sometimes an act of simple kindness can change a life. When a young wizard rescues an injured Auror from certain death, the two form an unlikely friendship.
Characters: Alastor Moody, OC (Corvus Huggins)
Genres: Friendship, Gen, Drama
Rated T.

This is by a young author whose story takes a different approach from many of the fics out there. Give it a look — and an encouraging review, if you enjoy it!

*Note: Link updated to the Petulant Poetess site; this story no longer available on fanfiction.net.*

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