Site Spiffiness

Spring Cleaning

If you’ve dropped by the blog recently, you may have noticed that I’ve been polishing the look and feel of the site a bit. I’m hoping the little changes and tweaks will also help improve the site’s functionality.

I’ve used Typekit to install a couple fonts on the blog, using them rather than the default for most of the text, headers, links, etc., where I can. With those fonts in mind, I’ve spiffed up the main pages a bit, so I hope they are a bit clearer to read. When I did the main pages, I also went through each of the posted stories & tried to make them a bit more uniform in layout, though I wasn’t completely obsessive about it!

I’ve also added drop-down menus to the tabs that appear in the header of each blog/site page, and I hope that they will help make the site a wee bit easier to navigate so that people can find what they’re looking for easily. There are still the usual menus and lists in the sidebar, for those who prefer them, and there are two new pages, one an “index of pages” — the more webby side of the site — and one an “index of posts” for the blog. They’re both available in the drop-down menu from the “About” tab.

For those of you who do enjoy scrolling down the sidebar and scanning the links, I’ve added a couple more Links categories and organized them a bit more.

I’ve also added a contact form in the sidebar. We’ll see how that goes! 😉

Hope you enjoy the results of the spring cleaning! 🙂

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