“My Sarah Jane”

Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen

“My Sarah Jane”

Live somewhere that didn’t broadcast the BBC/CBBC tribute to Elisabeth Sladen? Try the following site for links to the “My Sarah Jane” tribute online:

Watch “My Sarah Jane” Online

Sarah Jane and the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

Sarah Jane and the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) in "Bessie"

The fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, only drove Bessie in the episode in which he was regenerated from the Third Doctor, if I remember correctly. Bessie was brilliant! 🙂

Sarah Jane and the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

Sarah Jane and the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

Sarah Jane and the Kids of "The Sarah Jane Adventures"

*ETA* Doctor Who Fanfiction:

A lot of people are directed to this post from search engines because of the combination of the words “Sarah Jane,” “Doctor Who,” and “fanfiction.” I have not written (and at this time, don’t plan to write) any Doctor Who fanfic, but for those of you looking for some Sarah Jane fanfic, you might start here, “Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith.” It’s just about the only Doctor Who fanfic I’ve read, it’s Sarah Jane, and it was written upon the death of Elisabeth Sladen. I liked it, and it was well written. The author, x-Avarice-x, has written a lot of other Doctor Who fanfic, so if you enjoy it, you may want to try some other stories by the same person.

2 responses to ““My Sarah Jane”

  1. Very touching; thanks for sharing this memorial. I really need to watch more Doctor Who! 🙂

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