Doctor Who Online

Miss an Episode of Doctor Who?

Or even a season?

Check out this site — it doesn’t have all of the Christmas special episodes, but it does have all of the New Who regular episodes with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith:

Watch Doctor Who Online | Doctor Who Episodes

For more information about Doctor Who, visit BBC’s Official Doctor Who site.

Doctor Who Online (UK) is a huge fansite with resources for the television series, books, and other Who media.

Try the Tardis, a Doctor Who Wiki, for all your Whoniverse related questions. It’s bigger on the inside . . .

*ETA* Doctor Who Fanfiction:

A lot of people are directed to this post from search engines because of the combination of the words “Sarah Jane,” “Doctor Who,” and “fanfiction.” I have not written (and at this time, don’t plan to write) any Doctor Who fanfic, but for those of you looking for some Sarah Jane fanfic, you might start here, “Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith.” It’s just about the only Doctor Who fanfic I’ve read, it’s Sarah Jane, and it was written upon the death of Elisabeth Sladen. I liked it, and it was well written. The author, x-Avarice-x, has written a lot of other Doctor Who fanfic, so if you enjoy it, you may want to try some other stories by the same person.

4 responses to “Doctor Who Online

  1. I’ll have to check this page out!

  2. Who would have thought a spam comment once also has advantages? *g* I’m getting notifications for your blog entries here, and it is a nice reminder that you are a Doctor Who fans. We’re having VoD since a couple of weeks, which means for me that the Doctor is available dubbed for the first time to me. I tried it in the original, but didnt stand a chance without subtitles. I’m already through the first season of the reboot and am having a great time with David Tennant currently! 🙂
    (Alcina here in case you’re wondering)

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