Fiddling with the site some more . . .

Site spiffiness update

If you’ve been dropping by on and off over the past couple months, you may have noticed that I’ve been tweaking the site quite a bit even beyond the drop-down menus in the tabs, adding a few pages, or using Typekit (which loads somewhat inconsistently, but it’s free & works well enough most of the time).

I’ve been rearranging the sidebar, playing with some html in the widgets, getting rid of the massive tag cloud (which I thought was ugly, and which I doubt many readers were using, though on other kinds of sites, it might work well) and replacing it with a new text widget that looks a bit neater, and may perhaps be a little more useful, as well, and trying new things out.

I’m now getting that “change the theme itch” that I get occasionally. I’ve really liked Ocean Mist, but I’m thinking that even with the changes I’ve made, there are still things that I can’t do in Ocean Mist that I might be able to do in another theme—like have two sidebars, one for fanfiction-related widgets & links, and one for other kinds of stuff. It might cease that endless scrolling feeling, but without getting rid of any of my widgets (some of which I’m irrationally fond of and don’t want to simply delete), and it might also make them easier for readers to find & actually use.

So if you drop by the blog in the next day or two, and things are looking a mess, I’m in my spring-cleaning, theme-changing itch mode, and the dust will settle eventually. And at the end of it all, maybe we’ll have a new theme, maybe I’ll just stick with this one.

What do you think?

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