Writing delays

Nine-fingered typing . . .

I usually type using all ten fingers, as I learned to touch-type many (many!) years ago on an old IBM electric typewriter. Generally, that’s a good thing, and I rarely even think about what my fingers are doing as I write, but when I injured one of my fingers last weekend, I found myself hampered and spent most of this past week either too uncomfortable to type for more than a few minutes at a time, even using only nine fingers, or finding it too awkward and slow-going to type for very long or to think less about the physical act of typing and more about what I was writing!

Fortunately, the hand is healing up nicely, and I’m back to typing with all ten fingers. So I began writing again yesterday evening. However, with all I had to do today, I wasn’t able to do any catch-up. RL is like that! But I can’t complain, as it was a beautiful day, and I spent much of it enjoying the blue sky, green mountains, and fresh breeze. Nope, can’t complain at all! 🙂

I do hope to have another chapter of one of my WIPs up very soon, likely a chapter of Draco’s Heart (no, I’ve not forgotten about that one!), then I will be taking a bit of a pause in fanfic writing to get back to another project for a while. Unless, of course, my Muse becomes insistent about the next chapter of A Long Vernal Season, which I was in the midst of writing when I took my unplanned break. Of course, I could have written longhand, but I haven’t handwritten something then retyped it in so long, I’m not sure I’d be able to anymore—the handwriting I could manage, though I am not sure whether my thought processes would be the same, but I think the retyping would drive me batty nowadays.

So watch for a new update of . . . something fairly soon!

6 responses to “Writing delays

  1. hi, glad to know you are getting better. I can understand your discomfort about the typing thing lol, I felt lost when I fractured my right wrist a year ago! you think typing with 9 fingers is hard? try with five! LOL. It’s great that you are healing nicely, I’m very glad. And if you need someone to be insistent about LVS I can do it! I’m very good at it, I can get annoying too, does that work for you? LOL.


  2. haha! Annoying can sometimes be useful, but it has to be timed exactly right, or it backfires! LOL!

    Ice packs were my friend for a while. I was quite pleased at how relatively quickly it did heal, though even after it was no longer massively painful, it was a bit throbby, but worse, the dressing was big — and it seemed to get even bigger when I sat down to the computer! haha!

  3. It’s good that you’re getting better. I wish you luck with your writing!

  4. Hi! What did you do to your hand???
    I sometimes try to type with all ten fingers, but normally the words turn out to confuse me, lol. But I can see that it must be pretty exhausting if you have to hold up one finger all the time ;).
    But I’m glad to hear the healing progress is progressing^^. Although I’m already anitcipating another upload, I advise you to take your time…nothing else (like a limb or RL) should suffer. Still I’ll be wishing everyday when I check you stories, that your muse paid you a visit (no pressing, ;))
    hope you’ll recover soon
    cheers, herby

    • Chopped a finger to the bone. Yeah, highly unpleasant! And extremely bloody. Extremely. But it could have been worse! I didn’t chop it off, fortunately!

      It’s a holiday weekend here in the States, so I might get more writing done. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      Thanks for your note! 🙂

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