Top Ten Fic Clicks

Top Ten Click-Throughs

Here are the fics that were clicked through most over the last quarter. All were stories housed on the Petulant Poetess Harry Potter fanfiction archive, although Number Two was the top click-through for fics housed over on

  1. Resolving a Misunderstanding
  2. “The Unsentimental Arithmancer”
  3. “Invisible Lover”
  4. “Heat”
  5. A Long Vernal Season
  6. An Act of Love
  7. A Holiday with the Headmaster
  8. Charming the Scottish Garden
  9. “Minerva’s Mistletoe”
  10. Death’s Dominion

About half of the top ten stories were strongly ADMM, and I was a bit surprised to see that the number one story is Resolving a Misunderstanding (a Minerva McGonagall-centric ADMM fic), which is my first story, though it’s also the basis for many of my other fics. Naturally, a few Severus Snape stories also made it up there, including A Long Vernal Season, my current mega-WIP.

Find a few fanfiction stories you might enjoy:

Are any of your favorites among the most clicked fics? Surprised by any that aren’t there?

Death's Dominion sequel: A Long Vernal Season on TPP

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