Do you know your SSHG fics?

Death’s Dominion in the SSHG Quiz!

Death's Dominion by MMADfan - large iconThe SSHG Quiz, which has been around for ages, has a new quiz up for this week, and Death’s Dominion has been included in the mix for the “Epic” SSHG fics.

This is especially rewarding because I started out reading primarily SSHG fics way back when I first discovered HP fanfiction back in 2004 or 2005. I’ve always felt that unless I could write an SSHG fic like some of the great classics I read back then, and do it in an original way, I wasn’t going to write one. I was really pleased, then, to be able to write some good, natural SSHG bits in An Act of Love. Because it wasn’t one of the primary threads of that story, I didn’t include An Act of Love in the Potions under Duress category over at the Petulant Poetess.

When Death’s Dominion sprung up in visceral reaction to Book 7, it seemed a natural to have the relationship that began in An Act of Love continue and grow in Death’s Dominion. The relationship between Severus and Hermione became one of the key elements of Death’s Dominion, and it was quite satisfying to have Severus (and others) come to a different end than they did in Book 7.

And look at what the nice folks over at the SSHG Quiz gave me:

SSHG Quiz Banner - Links to SSHG Quiz

Thanks, SSHG Quiz folks! 🙂

More about Death’s Dominion >>>

2 responses to “Do you know your SSHG fics?

  1. How very cool to be featured in the SSHG quiz!!! Go you and I’m proud to say that I was with you in the beginning!!! My heart belongs to ADMM but you made me believe the SSHG stuff could be possible, too!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Well deserved!

    • Thanks, Hogwarts Duo! 🙂

      I think that done right — with a plausible back-story to bridge the canon relationship with the fanfic (how the two overcame the natural obstacles against them, including the fact that Snape really doesn’t much like her, or most Gryffindors, and he’s a pretty unpleasant teacher who also hates her best friends — regardless of the fact that he does save them repeatedly, he still can’t stand them) — SSHG can be a really exciting pairing and even, in the right setting, it can be fun with a lot of “crackle.”

      As you know, my RaMverse SSHG remain only close friends, never quite managing the transition from friendship to something more, but I even just enjoy good male-female friendship in my fics — like with Quin and Minerva, for example. Or even Severus and Minerva. Their friendship certainly grows over the course of An Act of Love, Death’s Dominion, and A Long Vernal Season. So if I ever do a sequel to LVS, we might see more of Hermione. 😉

      Thanks again!

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