Holmes v. the Doctor?

More episodes of Sherlock in 2012 means fewer episodes of Doctor Who?

That’s what an article in BBC online says.

Brendan Cumberbatch as a modern Sherlock HolmesBBC One’s controller says that Steven Moffat won’t have the time to work on as many Doctor Who episodes because, as an executive producer on Sherlock — which he created for BBC One and which has become very popular and attained quite a bit of critical acclaim — he’ll be too busy to work on a full run of Doctor Who episodes. Moffat subsequently tweeted that Doctor Who episode scheduling had nothing to do with Sherlock. Read the article here and see what you think.

Matt Smith as the Eleventh DoctorSo, who knows when those 14 new episodes of Doctor Who will be produced and how they will be scheduled?

What do you think?

What do you think?

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