New “Featured” Tag

I’ve recently started tagging certain posts “Featured.”

Why is the “Featured” tag useful to you?

Featured Posts Button for MMADfan BlogIf you want to catch up on my blog, but don’t want to see all of the “update” posts for new chapter updates, the “Featured” tag will automatically filter out those fic update posts for you.

Click the Featured Post button and try it out.

If you already get notified of my story updates through the Petulant Poetess, but still want to subscribe to my blog, the RSS feed for the Featured articles might be right for you. Not all other posts will be included, but the RSS Featured Post feed will eliminate the many story update posts and focus your RSS reading on the more content-oriented articles.

RSS Feed Icon for MMADfan Featured Post Feed RSS — Featured Posts

So you can take advantage of the “Featured” tag by clicking on the Featured Post button to winnow the articles you see on the blog, or you can subscribe to the Featured Posts via RSS.

Interested in seeing Featured Posts on other Blogs? The tags at the bottom of each post default to the Global tags and categories.* Check out some of the other interesting blogs in the community!

*Do you want to have the tags in a blog post lead you only to other posts on that blog? If you use Firefox with the Greasemonkey Add-on, there’s a handy little script for that: WordPress Anti-Global Tags by zodiac1978. Like all such Greasemonkey scripts, it works for the computer on which it is installed, customising the page for the individual user; it makes no changes to the actual blog posts hosted at It’s easy to turn on and off, as well.

What do you think?

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