Uncommon ships

HP Rare Pairs

Unusual or Uncommon Pairings in HP Fanfiction

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix promo poster -- Harry, Hermione, Ron and VoldemortWe all have our own particular taste in fanfic, but some character pairings are more popular than others, even some that run counter to canon. In fact, just because a ’ship is canon doesn’t mean it’s often seen in fanfiction.

Thinking about rare pairs and canon ’ships gave me an idea the other night, and with your help, I’ll hopefully be able to carry it out! I have designed a little poll for you to have fun with. What do you consider a rare pair in fanfic? Now, I’ve not come up with an exhaustive list of potential pairings, and I did confine myself primarily to some of the more prominent canon characters (so, no, Fudge/Umbridge does not appear on this list!), though a few minor characters do get thrown into the mix — Aurora Sinistra, for example, and Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank — but they’re pretty much paired with other, more prominent canon characters.

So, here’s the poll for you. I look forward to seeing your opinions!

Have fun!

What do you think?

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